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    Parameters/ calculated fields to create ranged filters

    Alex Money

      Hello community. My first post so my apologies for any breach of protocol. I am trying to create a filter based on a pre-defined set of ranges. In the attached packaged workbook, I have created 4 worksheets where I filter 2 measures (Mean EPS and Mean Sales) by different ranges of values, i.e. (1 to 1.01, 1 to 1.03, 1 to 1.05, and 1 to 1.1). The sheets are called 'Mean >1%' ... 'Mean >10%). My question is, rather than have these 4 worksheets, can I create a filter where the user can toggle between these options, and it would filter the Mean EPS and Mean Sales measures accordingly? If so, I'd really appreciate being shown how to do it. Thanks very much for any help!! Alex