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    Change calculated field (measure) to Dimension


      Hi all.

      I have a database which have multiple fields and the data have differences so i create some measure like this

      • StatePreÑ= STR(REPLACE((REPLACE((REPLACE((REPLACE((REPLACE((REPLACE(ATTR([Estado]), 'á', 'a')),'é','e')),'í','i')),'ó','o')),'ú','u')),'.'," "))


      And after that I created this

      • STATE=UPPER([EstadoWS])


      Then I added those sheets to a dashboard and i'm applying filters by Dashboard Actions but when I wan to put State measure as target field in my dashboard actions it's not possible.

      How can I do that? Can I change my State Measure to dimension?

      Attached is my workbook with sample data. I want to filter R1 and Prototype from Estado WS and Municipio WS



      Regards, J.