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    Calculate a count on a field in tool tip

    Michael McNenny

      As per the attached, there are 5 locations visible on the map.  For 3 of the 5 locations there is only one person who works in these locations.  For the other 2 locations, more than one person works in these locations. At the 4801 Gaillaridia address, 5 individuals work at this location.  At the 3704 W Southern Hills address, 12 individuals work at this location.


      On the tools tips, I want to modify how the name field is displayed.  If only one person works at the location, then display the actual name.  If two or more persons work at a location then display the number of persons working at the location.  As example, the tool tip for 4801 Gaillaridia address display "Name 5" in the tool tip.  Instead I want to display as "Multiple (5)".  Same for the location at 3704 W Southern; I want to display as "Multiple (12)".  The other 3 locations leave as is as the address only shows up one time.


      Note: each location has a unique location code named "Agent Code" in the workbook.  I wasn't sure if I need to do some type of calculation to get a count of each location using this field or if it was even needed.  Thanks in advance for any comments.