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    Tableau PostgreSQL

    David Schultz

      Using Tableau version 2018.2.0


      I've been trying to build a Tableau dashboard that is a little more specific than the "Background Tasks for Extracts" offers. I've been using this as a guide:




      But I can't quite figure out how to get the tables joined up. Here are the key pieces I'm trying to display:


      1. Per schedule, per workbook, when was the last time a user viewed the workbook.

      - Example: On our daily schedule I want to see that there are X number of workbooks that refresh on that schedule and the max date viewed and # of views per workbook.


      2. Per workbook developer, when was the last time that workbook was viewed and how often.

      - Example: David has published 2 workbooks, workbook 1 was viewed X times in the last Y days, workbook 2 was viewed Z times in the last Y days.


      Any help would be awesome!