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    Formatting Table

    Jenna Dulchinos



      I have created the attached 10.5 workbook where all dashboards (except the first Main Dashboard) are a table view of projects and their artifacts. I created it so that the hover appears on all pieces of the project data, the issue I am having is formatting these new columns of the "table". It seems whenever I try to change the formatting nothing happens. This is causing an issue because as you can see in each on the project names center along the 0 axis leaving the beginning and end of the name out of view. the other columns are also larger than needed, where I could use some of that space for the name column. Does anyone have any ideas on how to format here?


      Thank you!

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          Michel Caissie



          Check in the attached for a couple of hints (sheet All Projects by CSLT)


          - First I changed the Placeholder from  min(0)  to   100.  This is to get some flexibility in setting the axis boundaries.  I also put it on the columns as a Dimension-Continuous  (no agg).

          - Next step is to change the Mark from Text to Bar and set color opacity to 0.


          -For the Name column, I fixed the axis from 0 to 100 and align the Text label  left.


          - For  Sponsor LOB  and  CS Work Category, I set the two axis as Dual axis. One axis is fixed  -100  to 100 and the other  0 to  200. This allow to split the column in two fake columns.

            I also set the size at max and set a border in Color to get the split line.


          - For Status,  I added a second Placeholder and set Dual axis.  I use one for the cell formatting. The axis is fixed at  -5 to 105 and a color is set with a border.

          You can fix the width of the cell by changing the axis boundaries.

          The second one is for the label. Here the axis scale is reversed, it is fixed  0 to 275 and the label alignment is right. This is to show you that you can move a label within the cell and keep the text justified.


          -For Owner and Health, again I set both in dual axis to get two faked column, and by playing with the fixed axis, I split both columns with different width.



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            Jenna Dulchinos

            Hi Michel


            Thanks for this response. After playing around with some other techniques I am back to trying to make this one work.


            How did you do the first step of changing the AGG(Placeholder) to a dimension? When i right click on the pill there is no option to make it a dimension, only to change to discrete. I am thinking this could be what is causing me trouble getting all of the placements right in the rest of the table.


            I figured out the above, but the issue I am having now is creating the dual axis for LOB and CS Work Category how you did. I created the dual axis but then how do you fix them each separately? When I make a dual axis I then only am able to fix one axis range since they are in the same axis? I tried fixing them to the values you did before creating the dual axis and then joining them but that did not work either.


            Thank you!


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              Michel Caissie

              I don't have access to Tableau at this time, but my guess is that when you set the dual axis, you also clicked  on synchronize axis. They must not be synchronized if you want to set independent fixed values for each.