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    Using Reader offline

    Samuel Cox



      I have a requirement to share a report to a user in an offline environment. I was planning to use reader to share a work book that I have developed.

      I can access the workbook and any extract locally without internet access, but what is stopping it working completely is the reader not loading in the first place.


      I have conducted a number of tests where I stop any external connections by shutting down the wireless and remove network cable.


      Test one: shut down external connections load "Tableau Reader". Computer just sits there apparently waiting, nothing happens. Then if I reconnect the laptop the program loads.


      Test two: Load Tableau reader, let it load, then shut down external connections, load workbook off local drive. This does result in a working report, but the solution is not usable as user will be travelling by train through Wales.


      I have spent some time searching for a solution but haven't come across anything that specifically deals with no internet access at all, rather that just not access data online etc.


      Many thanks for your help.



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          suman kumar



          Just share your report with users and tell them to install Tableau Reader. By using Tableau Reader, Users can access your report. There won't be any issue.


          Please let me know if you have more question on this.




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            Samuel Cox

            Thanks for you response,


            The issue that is troubling me is I cannot open tableau reader when my computer is not connected to the internet. How can I be sure that the user will not face the same issue? If they will not, then why am I experiancing this issue?


            Either way I think I need to resolve what is happening, to make sure the user will have access to the report?




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              suman kumar

              Do you have multiple version of Tableau Reader Installed in your system..?

              If then please keep similar version of Tableau Reader of Report and Uninstall rest of the Tableau Reader Version.