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    Auto refresh Excel data from OneDrive

    Clara Pantoja

      Hi! I've searched for topics regarding this issue but only came across very old discussions (none of them marked solved?), so I figured I'd open one myself.


      I am a starting Tableau user (haven't even finished my trial period yet.). I have various Excel files (.xlsx) I need to use as data sources in Tableau Online. They are all stored in OneDrive and need to be checked for updates on a daily basis. I have tried publishing my data sources one at a time from Tableau Desktop, but even though they are marked as "real time" connections, my visualizations do not reflect changes unless I access them one by one and hit "refresh" (the drop-down option "Schedule extract" is always grayed out). I need my data sources and visualizations to update daily in Tableau Online (and I really hope I won't have to do it myself everyday).


      P.S.: I have tried using Tableau Bridge (couldn't figure it out, but that's another story). After the trial, though, I won't be the one hosting the files (my boss will), and we are going to need solutions that work on Mac computers as well.