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    Totals and subtotals difficulties

    dane tahbaz

      Having trouble getting the totals and subtotals I want correctly displayed in the attached workbook. In each of the three sheets I am looking to get two 'grand total' rows at the bottom of the table. One including all 'apps' in the data set and the other all 'apps' minus 1 (free games network).


      So for the past week sheet one total row would have the sum of the avg.daily revenue column, LW aggregate % movement, 4W aggregate % movement while the other total row would show the same measures but excluding values for the free games network app.


      In the MTD and YTD tables, it would be basically the same. Sum of avg.daily revenue column, sum of mtd rev column, sum of reforecast column, and aggregate revenue/forecast column (should be 88% not 76%) in one total row and the same values/calculations in the next total row excluding free games network values.


      Apologies if this is unclear, can elaborate further if hard to understand.