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    Calculating the Percent of One Value to Another In Same Filter?

    John Northrop

      Very hard to explain. I have a data field called "Email Type" - Email Type has two possible variables. Request and Acknowledged.

      I am trying to get a percentage of Request that were Acknowledged in a specific time/hour. I can get each to show me % of the total sent but not one from the other.


      For example. At 12:00 AM - 203 Request were sent and 69 were Acknowledged. When trying to calculate % my results will only give me each as a % of the total number of Email Type or of 272.

      I am looking for what % of 203 is 69, but instead I get back what % Request and Acknowledged each is of the 272 total.


      I think it has to do with the fact that they are the same field but I have tried everything.