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    Add sum of sales/production on Tool Tip

    Michael McNenny

      How can I add the sum of sales for a single office?  As example per attached, I have 3 office locations in my data sheet.  13 individuals work at the first location; 1 individual works at the second location; 8 individuals work at the third location.  The tool tip for the third location shows the individual name as 'Larry' and the office production in the tool tip is 3,250,000.  If there is more than one individual in a location I want to show the sum of sales for all individuals.  In this case, I would want show the total production for all persons at this location which is 7,526,000.


      Also, is it possible to show under the tool tip the number of individuals in a branch rather than just a name?  This would only be applicable if there are two or more persons in a branch.  For the 3rd branch I would want to display as "Multiple (8)", which indicates 8 persons work in this branch.  The second branch has only one person; for this branch I would still want to display the name of the person in lieu of displaying "Multiple (1)".  Thanks in advance for any comments.