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    Show main hub on map plot regardless of filters used.

    Michael McNenny

      As per the attached, I have a field name of 'Office Type'.  The two values for this field are "OSJ" and "Detached".  In my example, I would show all detached locations on the map with a rep count of 2 and/or 5 (meaning show all locations on the map which have 2 employee who work in that location or 5 employees that work in that location).  My issue is I also want to show what I call the 'Main Hub' for these locations (aka "OSJ").  As example, I have selected Great Lakes.  I want to show all hubs with 2 and 5 persons in each detached office (in this case 5 offices with 2 persons; another 5 offices with 5 persons).  But I also want to show the "OSJ" on the map (which is 37 persons).  Is there a way to show the OSJ dot (the Orange dot) all of the time even if I am using other filters (i.e. if I have Central Florida and Great Lakes checked off I want to show those dots all the time, even if I am using multiple filters.