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    Opening dashboard links in same browser window


      Hi all,


      I recently came across a challenge that seems to be shared by many others in Tableau and wanted to share the solution that worked for me - getting a dashboard to open links in the same window. The key difference from previous answers I've seen is that you start by navigating directly to the source dashboard, with a slightly modified URL. Subsequent links will open in the same window if they contain the same 'linktarget'. Would love to hear if it works for others!


      1. Create the workbook that you want to link to (i.e. your target dashboard) and publish the target workbook to Tableau server

      2. On Tableau server, open the target workbook and get it's direct URL by going to Share>Link

      3. We want to link to this from our source workbook, but first need to modify it to open in a specific tab. To do this, we add :linktarget=_parent

      e.g. http://tableau.myserver.com/views/Test/TargetDashboard?:showAppBanner=false&:showShareOptions=true&:showVizHome=no




      4. Create the dashboard you want to link from (i.e. your source dashboard) and use Dashboard>Actions to add a new dashboard action, using the URL you modified in the previous step:

      5. Finally, the steps that seemed to be missing from previous examples - publish the source dashboard to Tableau server and use the method in step 2 to get the direct URL link. Again, modify this to add :linktarget=_parent




      6. Open the URL from step #6 directly in your browser and click on your linked object. It should open in the same window.


      EDIT: Simplified slightly on feedback from Zach Leber (no need to specify embed=y)

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