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    Turning Color Filter On/Off based on Parameter Selection?

    Stephen Groff

      I have been searching around to see if there is a way to turn color filter on and off.  I've found some good content on the subject, but none that I have found actually provide a solution to this question/problem?


      I have a dimension that I would like to place on the color filter.  However, I would like the feature to be dynamic. 


      I have a parameter that lists out


      Fab Defects Per Unit

      Fab Delivered Defects Per Unit

      Fab 1st Ops Del. Defects Per Unit

      etc, etc, etc.


      Then, obviously, when selecting the choices, the graph changes based on the parameter calculation.


      This all works just fine.  But I want to add a color filter when selecting certain options however, I cannot write a calculation as such:


      Case [DPU Sort].[Parameter]

      WHEN "Fab Defects Per Unit" THEN place [Cause Area] on Color Card


      Is there a way to do this?