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    Linking between http_requests and historical_events?

    Jonathan Bailiss



      I'll start with the short question as hopefully somebody with a better knowledge of the PostgreSQL DB can crack it:

      - Is it possible to link between the http_requests and historical_events tables?


      As that may be impossible - or actually completely missing the point - my use case is:

      - Some users connect to Tableau Server through a web portal.  The web portal connects through using a Service account.

      - The historical_events table captures the workbooks/views used by the web portal but all against the Service account.

      - Google Analytics captures user activity on the web portal.

      - I want to be able to apportion historical_events activities to web portal users.  This will allow me to make use of existing usage workbooks as the majority of users authenticate locally using Active Directory.


      I think I can map between the GA stats and http_requests.  I'm struggling to take that thread any further into the PostgreSQL DB.


      Any advice would be very welcome.  If somebody has done something similar in a completely different way (potentially using the logs??) then I'd love to hear about it.


      Apologies in advance if this is bad form but from trawling the forums for an answer I've come across similar-but-not-quite-the-same posts by:

      Russell Christopher

      Jeff Strauss

      Toby Erkson