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    Tableau 2018.1.1 SSO on SAML with AD authentication

    Gagan Kaushik

      Hello All,


      I am configuring Tableau 2018.1.1 to use Server-Wide SAML authentication. This Tableau system is configured to use AD for authorization. The configuration has been completed but I am unable to sign in as Tableau gives me "Unable to find User" error after I authenticate over SAML. The error in the vizportal log is



      2018-09-04 23:53:14.018 -0700 (,,,,) catalina-exec-4 : ERROR com.tableausoftware.domain.user.saml.SAMLExtendedProcessingFilter - SAML Authentication Failed, please contact the administrator.

      com.tableausoftware.domain.exceptions.LoginFailedException: Failed to find the system user {UserIdentity[idProvider=, domain=<myldap.com>:3268, userName=<my_userid>} (errorCode=5)



      One thing to note is that when the SSO is disabled, we need to sign in as domain\user in Tableau but our SAML system allows us to use only our usernames. Could someone help me to understand how to resolve this.?



      Gagan Kaushik