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    How to manipulate rows and columns

    Alex Martino

      Spreadsheet attached:


      I have a sheet with a "type" column =


      The type can be "order", "return", or "return fee". There can be 1) An order 2) an order and a return 3) an order, a return, and customer return fee


      All of the rows are connected by an order ID. A customer return fee and a refund will ALWAYS come after (in terms of date) the original order.


      The order and refund rows have a category attached. The "return fee" DOES NOT have a category but it is attached to "orders"/"returns" with the same order ID that DO have categories.


      A few questions:


      1) How can I show # of "customer return fees" in each category?

      2) How can I count the # of returns that did not ALSO HAVE 'customer return fees'?