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    Aggregation Problems

    Caireen Zaina

      Hi Tableau community,


      I am having issues understanding aggregation.

      I have check my calculated fields and I know that they are correct - however the percentage result i am after is not correct due to the aggregation - but I don't know how to fix my calculations so that i get the correct results.


      I have attached a work book so that you can see what I am trying to do.


      Basically the calc is the the PVA_PFAT number divided be the result of "Total fleet minus W's " (which is a parameter) so for the 3/09/2018 the calc should be 416/452*.100 = 92.03% but i am getting 92.7%

      The 4th Sep should be 419/452*100 = 92.69% but I am getting 93.3%

      then the 5th Sep should be 418/452*100 = 92.47% but i am getting 93.1%


      I have tried turning off agg measures but that then resembles nothing like i should have.


      Any help would be most welcome