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    Tableau Box Integration & Tableau Server

    Matt Youngberg

      Is anyone else having the same issues I'm having with Tableau's integration with Box?


      I'm writing several files to Box every hour which are used to upkeep the dashboards I've created for my team at work. However, whenever I provide credentials and authorize Tableau Server to use our Box account and compile those data sources, Tableau Server simply asks me to provide credentials again and again in an endless loop.


      Also, it's frustrating how I cannot simply give a one-time, end-all authorization to a workbook on Tableau Desktop to access files from our Box. Especially when I'm using upward of five files to compile my data sources. And anytime I want to do a hard refresh of the connection, it asks me for those credentials again-- once for each data source. It's wasting a lot of my time.


      Is there something I'm missing? Is there some setting on either Box or Tableau that, when clicked, will eliminate all my difficulties? Right now, I'm really frustrated with the integration because it just seems incredibly finicky, but I'm having difficulty finding another easy way to serve excel files.


      P.S. I'm running the latest versions of both Desktop and Server.