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    Filter disappears on data refresh

    Michael Gillespie

      Running 2018.2, connected to Google Analytics (can't post data or a workbook, unfortunately).


      Scenario: I have created a bunch of Sets to collect various page hierarchies in some web analytics data I'm working with.  The sets themselves work just fine, and I use the sets to create a small-multiples line graph dashboard that shows month over month traffic trends for each Set of pages.  To do that I drag each Set to the Filter shelf on each of the 7 or 8 line graphs.


      This works perfectly.


      When I refresh my GA data, however, it all goes haywire.


      I go to the data source tab, change the date range and refresh my extract.  When I go back to the small-multiples dashboard, the Set filters have all disappeared from the Filter shelf, on every worksheet.


      Question: Is this normal behavior when connecting to GA?  Or is it a bug?