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    Latest data after refresh along with date selection

    Marcin Tymczak

      Hello Tableau Lovers!


      I've got a problem I wasn't able to solve so far, I have read dozens of topics already and none seemed to be working for me.


      I am a Tableau Developer in tv streaming industry. I have a created a couple of QoS reports for my client. An additional requirement appeared lately.


      Data on the whole report is show only for a single day. By default reports needs to show the last day, but on the other hand It should allow a user to pick any other day. It needs to be automatic, so now manual switching between those two options.

      So far it's a just a calculated field along with a date parameter [Reporting Day] put as a context filter:


      DATETRUNC('day',[Date]) = [Reporting Day]


      Any idea how to solve this?