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    Calculate weekly averages per product in table whereby including days with NULL values

    Philipp Coenen


      I have been loosing my nerves on the following problem for which i seek your help.

      As this is my first post on Tableau forum I grealty appreciate comments etc. in case I can improve the effciency on to state my request.

      Answers pls in english or in german.


      What: simply put I try to calculate the weekly average of sold products ( here Material) .

      Here the screenshot (Whereby Lieferdatum translates as  Delivery date)

      The Problem: Products are not sold every day. So if I just take the average it will average only on the days the product was sold but not over all days of the week.

      Example: the the product was sold on three out of 5 working days each day 10 pices then the average I'm getting is 10 = 30/ 3 days. However I need to get 30 / 5 days.


      My tested approaches:

      I tried a caculated field with IFNULL ( [fieldnm004], 0) to create 0 Values but this doesnt help since it would mean to replace only on the data level empty values.

      I thought about Window_AVG but couldn't get it to work.


      I attached the workbook extract.

      I'm working on Desktop 2018 1.4


      Would greatly appreciate some thoughts an comments.


      Best regards,