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    Transfer data time from DB into Tableau extract

    Ramprakash NN



      We have some huge extracts (data volume around 1.7 million records with 350 columns) scheduled in Tableau server.

      There are some inconsistencies in the timings for the Tableau extracts completion.


      Basically we are trying to find out the reason for the issue:


      • is this due to DB performance issue (we connect HaaS environment to pull the data)
      • Based on the data volume (there are inconsistencies where one schedule is getting completed in 1 hour and another schedule for the same extract is getting failed post 29700 secs (we have set timeout of 29700 secs))
      • we have 4 backgrounders and during this extract, other backgrounders will be free most of the time and will be occupied with some small extracts)


      is there a way we can understand where exactly the issue occurs?


      may be we can get this information in backgrounder logs?