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    Marking items that belong to two or more categories

    Laurens Vehmeijer

      Hi all,


      So I've got a database of items, which can belong to up to three (out of hundreds) different categories simultaneously. In that database, each of those item/category/date combinations forms a row.

      (I know that leads to duplication, but we fixed all the issues we had with that )


      Kinda like such, if item 19439 had two categories, 94119 one category and 12335 three.


      Item IDCategoryDateMeasure (e.g. purchases
      19439FurnitureMarch 201821
      19439LampMarch 201821
      94119GardenMarch 201876
      12335FurnitureMarch 201845
      12335LampMarch 201845
      12335GardenMarch 201845



      I'd like to mark/filter items that have two or more specific categories. E.g. if I'd want to look for items that have both "Furniture" and "Lamp", I'd want to retrieve items 19439 and 12335.


      (ideally the solution would also allow me to choose whether to include/exclude items that have a third category aside from the two I'm looking for, in this example only retrieving 19439 if I chose to filter for "and only")


      I was experimenting a bit with parameters and IF/THEN statements but I'm hitting a block. Would you have any suggestions?


      Much appreciated!