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    Dynamic Columns Based on Filter Value

    Graeme Elliott

      Hi all,


      I have another query which I hope someone can help with. It's an idea floating through my mind which I am having trouble getting the required result.


      I have attached my packaged worksheet. Here I have a table consisting of a few brands who are part of different industries. I am measuring some different data types such as Feedback and Messages received.


      In this table I have the data type on the left and the first calculated column is a sum of each data type for the brand selected (Brand 1 for instance). What I would like to do now is have a column next to this so I can compare dynamically how the related brand type (in this case, Aerodynamics) done on average during the filtered month.


      So the filters will be Brand 1 and Aerodynamics (they are related) and the table will look something like this:



      What would be the best way of going about this?


      Thanks in advance for the help!


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