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    how to write calculation for excluding duplicate IDs based on another field not Null

    Kelly C



      I'm having trouble showing a single line of distinct Case IDs based on another field (MDY Act_Ltr_Date) as NOT NULL.

      Since this has sensitive data, I've attached this screenshot below to help display what i'm looking at.


      So in the MDY Ack_Ltr_Date column there are  nulls, which is fine if attached to a single case ID (IE: 1001, 1004).  However, there in case ID 1014 there are two lines: one with a date and one Null.  Is there any way for me to remove that Ack Ltr Date with a Null to keep only the one with a date so there is a single line per case ID? But I don't want to exclude all Null value Ack Ltr dates like in case IDs 1001 and 1004....Hope this made sense!