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    Actions - Generally.  Very complex

    morton hsiao

      I'm trying to have my dashboard do two things.

      Here's one dashboard Dashboard 1.  The two graphs change based on the selected company.  This is what I want.


      When I click a box in this dashboard 2, It should auto filter the two graphs in dashboard 1.  It does:

      But then while in dashboard 1 with the item still selected in dashboard 2, picking a companyd in the selecting thign only works on one graph:

      And when I go to the individual sheets,

      The working chart only has this one filter I put in but with an extra icon resembling a deck of misaligned charts:

      Meanwhile, on the chart that doesnt' work, there's an additoinal filter I did not put there.  Also, when I delete it, it doesn't work anyway:

      My dashboard 2 still has the item selected...

      Though it would be nice if clicking on the filter in dashboard 1 would release the box in dashboard 2

      And here's my action:

      I have it at Clearing the selection will leave the filter, but I would rather it show all values.  Actually, what I'd rather it do, instead of this crazy stack of filters on the dashboard 2 and dashboard 1 is to have the action on dashboard 2 set the filter on dashboard 1 by setting the clicky box, which is instead wiped out when the action fires.  It would be best if there was a pub/sub methodology where the state of the filter would listen to all these controls and switch state based on the last control clicked.  Then all the controls would change state based on the state change of the filter.  This would probably be too complicated in Tableau.


      So what complex mix of settings is best to execute this action 

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          Joe Oppelt

          See what I did in the attached.


          On the two sheets on Dashboard1, I removed the Company filter.  And instead I made the action filter applied to both those sheets.  Then I exposed the action filter on Dashboard1.


          So when your user gets sent to Dashboard 1, he sees the company that was selected on Dashboard2.  And the filter is set with that one selection.  But it's there to modify if the user wants to see something else, and that one filter controls both sheets.