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    publish workbook from tableau desktop to tableau online - data source cant be viewed or edited

    John Lu

      I am using tableau desktop and I tried to publish workbook into tableau online and I am the owner (creator). I created the account and set up everything.


      After I published the workbook, I check my data source, which are multiple files on my desktop folder which I have not moved or re-named, on the top menu bar, it says I can't edit data source (grayed out) and all of my data source is like that. When I click the data source sheet in bottom, it says the current data source can not be viewed from the data source page. Did I did something wrong when imported in or when I set up the permission I did something wrong?


      See the picture for the issues. And what does the refresh option for, does it mean it will refresh results if I updated my data source on my desktop folder or does it mean it will refresh the data source via tableau desktop?