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    "Unexpected error" with credentials in tableau bridge With cross-db

    Alex Camatti

      hi guys, i'm having a big trouble, i'm trying to schedule a extraction with tableau bridge from a local server to tableau online. I have a project that already have a daily extraction refresh, its work really fine. The extraction gets the data from a MySQL database, and are conected to a only one data base. This project are working without error about 6 months or more. Today i uploaded a new project to tableau online and did the things like the last project to refresh de data via tableau bridge, the thing is that this project have 2 connections to two different MySQL server. One connection is from the same connection of project that already running, the oher connection are a localhost ( When i was doing the project, i was connected to these two database and everything was working fine, i got finished the local project with no problems. but now, when i click in "test conection" in tableau bridge, i got the error "unexpected error" in my screen, simple like that, thats is the only information that are shown to me. When the local project request the credentials, i type them and everything works fine.


      Captura de tela 2018-08-13 15.24.32.png