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    comparing measures within different time frames


      Hey all,

      I want to compare my measures within changing time frames.

      For example: for each 10 days starting from yesterday and going back.

      I have attached a photo with an example.

      Please help me to understand how do i divide my dates into those 10 days time frames?



      start dateend   datesum of   clickssum of   spend
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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello BI,


          Is the timeframe changing (the number of days) or the type of time frame (days, weeks, months)? 


          The second one is easier to address and there are examples in the Workbook & Calculation Library.  The first one - summarizing measures by a grouping of a defined period such as 10 days can be done manually with calculated fields but I do not know of a automated way to do this.  What is the size/time frame of data?  One thought is to create those timeframes in a secondary data source assigning a Dimension value to each one and then using that as a master record to data blend the data to.


          so 2018-07-03 to 2018-07-12 has a value of "A"  in a new column

          2018-07-13 to to 2018-07-22 has 'B' and on and on.  


          i bring that up as an idea because it might be a lot easier to manage a secondary data source for your grouping than to create calculated fields.