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    Blending data from multiple data sources

    Thomas Kont



      i need some support with data blending. I am trying to blend
      data from 3 different data sources.

      1. Data Source: Entity Master Data
      2. Data Source: Trade List
      3. Data Source: Bank Balance


      I am trying to blend the data in a way that all values from data source 2 & 3 will exist on entity any date (date is used in quick filter) level. Even though data might only
      exist in the Trade sheet for a particular date and not in the Bank Balance sheet, in the Joined sheet where I blend the date, it should still show the data.


      Below i have taken a screenshot. On the trade list, entity A69 for 31.07.2018 has a value of 101.032. On the Bank Balance there is no value for this date.

      But when I try to join the data on the joined sheet where I blend entity_id, the value for entity A69 on the 31.07.2018 does not show up.


      Is there a way i, that I can show all values form both data sources when combined, even though 1 data source might not have any value on the chosen date?


      Data Source: Trade List


      Source: Bank Balance


      Blended Sheet


      Thank you