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    Viz in Tooltip gets stuck on old value when hovering over new graph in dashboard

    Angela Koch

      Hello together,


      I'm currently facing a weird issue using viz in tooltip.


      We're using Tableau Server/Desktop 2018.2. My workbook runs on an extracted Tableau datasource with more than 40 million rows and a lot of columns, that cannot be further aggregated.


      I have a dashboard that contains different worksheets (one view is revenue per category, one per brand, one per month...). All of the worksheets use the same worksheet as viz in tooltip (a table).


      If I hover over any of the sheets in the dashboard, the tooltip works properly, but needs some loading time. I.e. when being in the brand graph, the tooltip is filtered on the brand I'm hovering over; in the category graph, it's filtered on the category and so on.

      But what happens quite often: When I hover over e.g. a brand in the brand sheet, get too impatient to let the tooltip load and hover before it does over a year in the year worksheet, the tooltip will load the data of the brand where I just started the tooltip load. Even when hovering over sth else and coming back to the year sheet, it will still show the values of the brand,  I've been trying to load before.


      Anyone else facing this issue and having any idea why this is and what I can do about it?

      Thanks a lot!