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    Tableau desktop - Spark SQL : Enable SSL

    Divya Anugu



      I am trying to enable authentication using SSL for the Tableau desktop (on Mac) - Spark SQL connection. I am using a self signed cert. I was able to successfully enable it for HiveServer2. And followed the same process for Spark thrift server.


      Are there any known issues for Spark SQL/ Spark thrift server?




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          Hi Divya Anugu,


          I see that you've sought for help on another platform, without any success.

          I might be able to help you, let me know if it worked!


          1. Spark SQL

          2. An Absolutely Unofficial Way to Connect Tableau to SparkSQL (Spark 1.1) - Concur

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            david tanner

            Hi Divya,


            I had the same problem and managed to get a solution from Tableau support,  as you no doubt noticed there is no customer SSL configuration option on the Spark connection that exists on the Hive connections (I'm sure this will change in the future).  The good news is that you can use a tableau TDC file to extent the configuration and specify the extra parameters.

            Customize and Tune ODBC Connections


            You can customize your connection to Spark SQL and direct it to a specifc certificate file using a .TDC file.


            The contents of the .TDC file entail the following: 



            <connection-customization class='spark' enabled='true' version='10.2.2'> 

            <vendor name='spark' /> 

            <driver name='spark' /> 


            <customization name='odbc-connect-string-extras' value='TrustedCerts={filepath of .pem file};CAIssuedCertNamesMismatch=1' /> 



            edit the "{filepath of .pem file}" to specify the file path to the trusted certificates. Then, add the .tdc file to your My Tableau Repository\Datasources folder. Please note that for the TrustedCerts= value, you do not need the double quotation mark for the file path.


            Restart Tableau.


            Look in the link  above for a way of confirmed tableau is using the TDC file.


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              varun tandon

              Yes this works. Just some add-on information


              Edit the section in the curly brackets to include the filepath for the .PEM file so that the text will look something like follows:


              (The final version should not include curly brackets or quotations around the filepath.)


              Once edited, the .tdc file should be saved and placed into the "Datasources" folder within "My Tableau Repository". This is typically located at ...Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources , unless the My Tableau Repository location was changed after installing Tableau Desktop.

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                Hi david tanner


                Came across your post. The content you have posted seems perfect. But unfortunately, its not working in my case.


                My data-source is Hive.

                Data-source connection is Hortonworks Hadoop Hive.

                Tableau Desktop version is 9.3.1

                I created the .tdc file and logs show that the same is being called as well. But still not working.

                I have raised a thread at Connect Tableau 9.3.1 workbook with Hive+Kerberos+SSL


                Would appreciate if you could possibly give your thoughts/comments around this issue.


                Best Regards