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    Seems like it should be basic

    Chase Patterson

      I need to look at what the status of my data is on a particular date. I have tried a variety of ways each with their own challenges, the most frustrating of which is that if i use the 'source' or 'status' date then it will only represent that data as of the date referenced.

      I have run start/running/active to see the number of active records during the time frame established, but the issue is that my data changes 'statuses' throughout it's life cycle with us so it could be double, triple etc... counted.


      Additionally i would like to be able to view this data over several days/weeks/months in one display to see the trend it total population.




      ID:     Source Date  Status Date    Status               Final Outcome Date      Final Outcome

      1       1/1/2018         1/1/2018        Awaiting Sort    

      1                              1/3/2018         Awaiting Alter

      1                              1/5/2018         Available

      1                                                                                1/7/2018                        Adopted


      This particular animal should show up in the total count the 1st - 7th.


      Help please, and thank you!


      Attached is a small workbook.