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    Refresh from Excel using Tableau Bridge

    David Martin



      I have a workbook that is connected to a single Excel file and is published to Tableau Online.  My goal is to be able to replace the excel file in its directory with an updated file (same file name) and the changes appear to the published workbook on a schedule.  I first published the extract, set up a refresh schedule using Tableau Bridge, created a local copy of the data source to make any future changes, and published the workbook.


      However, when I make a change to the Excel file and manually run a refresh through Tableau Bridge it appears the extract is being refreshed but not the workbook because when I open the workbook in Tableau Online the change appears when I click "Refresh" but does not change on its own, which is the goal.


      Any suggestions to the workflow would be greatly appreciated!

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          Zach Leber

          Hi David,


          Tableau Bridge only works with published data sources not embedded data sources so you should confirm that your published workbook is connecting to the published DS. You can do this by locating the published data source and checking for connected workbooks. You can also see when the extract was last refreshed separately from when the workbook was last updated.


          An alternate workflow is to publish a live connection to your Excel file that is maintained by Tableau Bridge. When your workbook is used, Tableau Online will query for the latest live data via Tableau Bridge. There are pros and cons of that vs. extract but they both work.