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    tableau services configuration

    Roshan Bisnath

      Tableau 2018.2


      Hi Team,


      I have setup a cluster.


      I would like to know how many processes should I check for each Application Server, VizQL Server, cache Server, Search and Browse, Backgrounder, Data Server, Data Engine, File Store, Repository, TSM Controller, License server.


      I have checked Performance Tuning Examples  "Three Node Example" and says the number of Backgrounder processes equal to number of Physical cores.


      Thanks to advise on the other services for the 2 secondary nodes.





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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Roshan,


          The number of processes you want to configure will depend on a lot of factors - your balance of live/extract/published data connections, your user profile mix, your extract refresh/subscription schedule needs, for example. I'd recommend working with your Tableau Account Manager to set up consulting if you'd like configuration advice specific to your environment.

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