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    Setup Local Authentication

    Rajesh Manivannan

      Hello Team,


      We installed Tableau server 2018.1 and planning to setup local authentication for non company users to view the workbook published in the tableau server, in just one click [ Without username and Password]

      I believe local authentication will not ask for user name and password.


      1. Could you please help me with the steps involved to setup local authentication.
      2. Also, Do we need any special privilege to setup local authentication?


      Thanks !!


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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Rajesh,


          So I might be misinterpreting your question.  For your organization, by chance are you already using Active Directory to authenticate?   Is it the case that you wanted to add non-company users only for Local Authentication?   The reason I ask is at this point in time you really can't have mixed authentication methods.  It really would have to be one or the other.  If I have misinterpreted your question, Local Authentication requires setting up the user accounts with a Username/Password which you could integrate with SAML.