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    Server Run As Account Permission error while upgrading from 10.5 to 2018.1.1

    Himanshu Aggarwal



      We are trying to upgrade our one of a single node Tableau Server environment to 2018.1.1. Currently its on ver 10.5.

      We do the installation using the same AD account which is used as server run as account also. This account is member of Server's local administrators group.

      We didn't face any issues while installing ver. 10.5 but when we now upgrading to ver 2018.1.1 its giving  below error while starting the service.

      "The Tableau Server account failed to obtain the required permissions on the install directory"



      We checked the run as account has all the needed rights but still not working. Same account works fine when we re-install ver 10.5 after cancelling the 2018.1.1 upgrade.


      Any one has any idea, pls share, Thanks!