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    Button does not deselect/highlight after click

    Felipe Caon



      I'm trying to make a button selection disappear after click, for context: I've crated a button (in a panel) that redirects to a sheet. However, after I click this button it gets highlighted and whenever I go back to the main panel, it is still highlighted.


      I understand that this is the intended behavior, but how can I change that? A lot of articles around are pointing to solutions like creating incremental ID's or creating reset buttons, but I just want it to deselect automatically. I'm under the latest version of Tableau, maybe they added a new that I'm not aware of.


      Before click:



      After click



      And it keeps highlight until another button is pressed.




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          Ankit Patel

          Hi Felipe - unfortunately "deselect automatically" is still something that is not built-in functionality (not even the latest 2018.2.x). You will need to adapt an alternative solution for what you are looking to achieve or best would be to train end-users to click on the button "one more time" to deselect it.


          I am sure this is not the answer you are looking for but at the least I am with you on this one - takes a best way to navigate between dashboards with simple enough request more annoying.


          Best regards,


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