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    Problem while creating dual axis chart

    kalyan ravuri

      Hi all ,


      i have a problem, while i am creating a dual combination chart in tableau.


      my database table (google big query) is not supporting LOD expressions (i am using 9.2 version of tableau)


      i need to create a chart which has a side by side bar and a line graph, please find the attached sheet for the data


      The first bar represents the total submissions (count) based on "Submission month"  (in this case it is Jan-3, Feb-4, Mar-3)


      the second bar represents the total submissions with status completed based on closure_month (in this case Jan-1, Feb-3, mar-2)


      on top of these two side by side bars a line chart has to be displayed based on closure_month, composition =project and status=completed (in this case Jan=0, Feb=3, Mar=2)


      Please help me on this.. Thanks..!