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    Action Filters

    Sai Sri B

      Hi Team,


      I have 2 worksheets 'Sheet 1' and 'Sheet 2'. When I click on particular measure in 'Sheet 1' then 'Sheet 2' gets filtered accordingly.

      As an example: If I click on 'Blue' in 'Sheet 1' then 'Sheet 2' should be filtered on 'Blue' and so on for other values.

      Attached .twbx


      As per my analysis, this can be done through pivoting but I don't want to do pivoting as in my real world I'm using actual database server. To pivot, I will have to use custom SQL with UNION ALL which will duplicate the data.

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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Sai,


          Find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.4 located in the original thread.



          a. Define a Union



          b. Define a calculated field: NMD. Measure Display:


          if [Table Name]='Sheet1' then 'Blue'

          elseif [Table Name]='Sheet11' then 'Green'

          elseif [Table Name]='Sheet12' then 'White'

          elseif [Table Name]='Sheet13' then 'Yellow'



          c. Define a measure: Measure:

          if [Measure Display]='Blue' then [Blue]

          elseif [Measure Display]='Green' then [Green]

          elseif [Measure Display]='White' then [White]

          elseif [Measure Display]='Yellow' then [Yellow]



          d. Define a action



          Hope it helps.



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            Sai Sri B

            Hello Robert,


            Thanks for your effort. I understood the approach you implemented.

            In my real world, I have more than 1000000 records. If I go with UNION then it will duplicate the data and it shows the impact on dashboard performance.

            Is there any other way to meet this requirement without using UNION please?