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    Divide 2 measures calculated with Table functions


      Hi Tableau experts !!


      Currently working on ratios, I have the following view :


      --> I can naviguate in different months with my first parameter (mois d'étude)

      --> I can work on different period level, from month, running 3 months, running 12 months and YTD.


      For each calculation, I use Table formula in order to adapt the view according to parameters.

      eg with CM3 :

      CA = WINDOW_SUM(SUM([Montant HT]),-2,0)

      Nombre conso from this example Countd on running period

      Nd d'articles : same example.


      I'd like to do ratio :  CA/Nombre d'acheteurs : unfortunately, the result is not the good one.


      Any idea ?


      Many thanks,