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    command-line prep refresh fails - two connections to same server

    Rune Brodersen

      I have made a flow in Tableau Prep to make a union of same query to different databases on same ms sql server and published as a data source to Tableau Online.

      That works very well.


      I tried then the command-line for update by task scheduler according to the guide, but it fails to update the data.

      Error message: we don't have credentials of all connections in tfl/tflx file?

      How do I add connection for the second connection?



      I tried just duplicating first block (separated by comma),  but then I get following error message:

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AssertionErro:Could not find match for ip at xxx


      credentials.json looks like (and connections are named by ip)





          "username": "sqluser",



          "password": "sqlpass" }







          "password":"tableaupass!"  }




      Any ideas?

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