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    Tooltip Viz - preview is different from the actual

    Michael Feigin


      I am trying to show a trend in a tooltip viz and it all looks good in a preview (as below).

      However, after I am clicking OK and hover over a given point on a chart, the tooltip viz displays only one month and not a trend. What am I doing wrong? Shouldn’t the actual tooltip viz behave same as a preview?




      I tried playing with the "Filter=" in the tooltip edit. I replaced "All fields" with a specific filter name first. But it screwed the entire viz and it started showing the unfiltered chart, and selecting one value for the filter would not hold.

      So, I went back and put the "All fields" back, but typed it in instead of using the Insert button. And it worked!

      I also have been able to recreate the fix with another dashboard/tooltip viz.