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    Mapping - using image files / double stacking 2 image files then overlay with excel data

    Erik Lask



      I have had success taking Zip codes and converting them to a json file using mapbox.

      I then link an excel document and it works perfect.


      I have 2 different data points I am attempting.  I have a large population over a million that I want to plot on the zip code borders.  In addition I want to show certain locations throughout the zip codes.

      I got it to work, but it takes too much time to refresh when you make it an interactive dashboard.  10-15 seconds to click a region for it to populate only that region.


      I made it an extract, it took nearly 2 hours to do, with over 500,000,000 records in the extract.  That did not work.


      My idea was to make 2 json files.  One for populaiton, and one for zip codes.  Has anyone had any luck?