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    Sum [Score] only if score is > 0 in BOTH periods

    Jessica Singer

      Hi! I am facing a deadline and can't figure out how to filter (?) to ensure I'm getting accurate change statistics.


      My data is sports outcomes for a group of students who were tested on ability at the beginning and then again at the end of the program. Some students were not present for both tests, some skills were not completed for each test. You can see this on Sheet 5.


      I need to be able to sum a pre and post total for each student, but ONLY for those skills there were tested on in each period. Otherwise, I get false negative change statistics simply because more skills were tested in one period or another.


      My calc is:

      ((IF [Sum Score Post]>0 THEN [Sum Score Post] END)


      (IF [Sum Score Pre]>0 THEN [Sum Score Pre] END))


      (IF [Sum Score Pre]>0 THEN [Sum Score Pre] END)


      which does not return correct answers for what I've outlined above. Help!


      Thank you.