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    Horizontal Scrollbars (in Tableau and in Exported Files)

    Fabian Deitelhoff

      Dear All,


      As you can see in the following images (first Tableau, second png file), I'm using Tableau to visualize characters with different grey values (like I asked here: https://community.tableau.com/thread/276738). This works like a charm.


      AOI-DNA (region-rectangle-java2) Tableau.png


      AOI-DNA (region-rectangle-java2).png

      Unfortunately, Tableau is not adding horizontal scrollbars into the working sheets or the exports. But I need to see the complete visualization.


      Is there a way to achieve this? I can change the row height, so that the missing rectangles will appear in a second row. But that's now what I want to achieve in the first place. To compare them visually one line per row is best.


      Thanks in advance