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    Filled maps with a background image make filled areas tiny

    Gary Bisaga

      I have a filled map with geographic areas (called towns in Vermont) that you can select or de-select. I want to add a background image to my filled map that will make sure there is an outline of the towns to show even when very few towns are selected. So, I have added a background image of the town outlines as shown here: Use Background Images in Your Views . That works, but it makes the geographies tiny and "explode". Here's the map without background, with all towns selected:

      Here it is after adding the background image, still all towns selected.

      It looks as if I don't quite have the coordinates of the background image down, but that's not my main concern. My question is why do the towns' filled areas suddenly become tiny, with gaps between the towns? I've attached this workbook with the background image. Even more interesting, the change that causes the change in towns is not adding the background image, it's turning off the background map. If I change the background map back to Tableau:

      then the images go back to their normal size, shape, and position. Can anybody explain this and, more importantly, tell me how to make the towns keep their shape and size?