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    Drawing boundary around selected cities in the map view

    Ramya Jakkampudi

      Hello Team,


      I have a requirement as below:


      I have a map view with city and sales information. Now if I filter for one state then i should get one boundary or border for the cities means border is not for individual cities, one border for all cities which fall under the selected state.


      Please share your inputs.




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          Sarah Battersby

          I'm not sure that I'm following your question - are you trying to filter to a state and only see the cities within that state?  If so, if you have a state dimension in your data source it should just show the cities within that state.


          Or, is the question that you only want a background map with the selected state?  You might be able to do that with a dual axis map, but there isn't an option to filter the base map itself.


          Or, do you need an arbitrary boundary drawn around the selected points within a state (not aligned with the state border)? 


          Or, is this a different question all together?


          Could you provide a workbook to better explain the problem?



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