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    Extracts Access

    Cristian Garofalo


      I have an Access database which Im using with Tableau, The MS access database is stored in a sharefolder in my network //SERVERXXX/XX/Library.accdb


      It seems the refresh is failing because of authentication errors, I believe that this is to the fact that the tableau service user who is supposed to access the database does not have access to the share folder where the database is.


      1- Do you know who I can tell tableau which user to use to access the access database? in the second screenshot you will see that the options to setup the connection is grey out.

      2- Can you please advise whether there is any other way to get my extract refresh from Access whether my approach is not possible?


      All the best,




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          Naveen B

          Hi Criistian,


          Since Access file is manual file you need publish the workbook with some precautions


          1) While publish Include external files uncheck it




          1) Place the file in Network Drive

          2) Provide the access to the file for "Run AS User"


          whenever the extract run it will fetch the data


          hope this helps kindly mart this answer as correct or helpful so that it will help others




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            Cristian Garofalo

            Hi NB,

            How can I see which is the user that tableau is using to run the refresh? I believe my problem is simply that tableau can not access the database to run the refresh.


            I attempted to use your approach but Im getting?


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              Naveen B

              Hi Cristian,


              Ask the tableau admin team give the run as user AD ID,


              Click on Access File --> Properties --> Security --> add the Run as User ID and provide the full user permission automatically your refresh will be completed without fail