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    Parameter/filter Issue

    Diego Parker

      Hi, I am new to Tableau and I have been asking a lot of forum in the question. Today I have the problem that a parameter/filter in one worksheet is not automatically working in the other relevant worksheet.


      To explain my self better I'll attach the workbook and some pictures (the relevant sheets for this case are "Year" and "Ethnicity distribution").


      1) This is how it should look. The year is selected and shows the relevant info. for that year.



      2) But then if I select another year in the "Year" worksheet (in this case 2016), then in the "Ethnicity distribution" worksheet it shows the parameter like this. So the only problem is that is not automatically selecting the right value "2016" but leaves everything unselected.

      Not Wrking.png


      Just in case, the filter looks like this.


      and the parameter like this:



      If you want to have a look at the original post, the one that helped my first problem and that shows how Peter Falkan helped me creating some special highlight, you can check it here.



      Hope someone can help me out, is probably one of my last doubts with this viz. Thank you a lot, very appreciated!